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Yuki-mono. 25 year old (22 september). From Belgium. Amateur artist.

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    Thème:Illustration - Genre:Loisir

    Digi - Taito

    Taito (TaichixYamato) was my obsession for many many years, it was my second "big pairing"...in a kid show! *O* I was 12~ish! *ashamed* I remember watching it on TV after school and thinking that the dynamic between them was really weird (There was a lot of tension between them!) yet adorable (Let's hold hand!...then being touched by "cupid's arrow"...ROFL!). I just wish I copuld forget that damn epilogue! (I have nothing against astronaut!Yamato or diplomat!Taichi (Neck ties and Suits!<3), but I think that Sorato came from nowhere! >_< )

    Yamato was my biggest 2D crush. I have all kind of goodies with him on it! I bought tons of candies just to find his sticker! I HAVE A GABUMON PLUSHIE!!! (And a Patamon too, I love the two brothers!<3) I loved being a child, I was so carefree! xD

    What a joy to be able to draw them again! *swim in all the delicious taito fanfics*

    Thème:Illustration - Genre:Loisir

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